“Education is the knowledge of how to use the whole of oneself"

J.K.G Sr. Sec. School, Ghaziabad strongly believes in its mission of sculpting a child’s. personality that’s truly unique by identifying and honing their talents. The holistic educational approach at J.K.G enables students to stay ahead of time through a unique blend of academies and extra-curricular activities. To make them leader in the field of academic and non academic areas, we do avail them certain opportunities. Discipline is the first and foremost need. Besides this, the students should also give their best performances in their own accorded field.

Education is an imperishable gem. No misfortune can depress it, no crime can destroy it, no force can alienate it, no strength can disintegrate it and surely no despotism can enslave it. It is omnipotent. The motto of the school - “Darkness to light” justifies our quest for imparting quality education towards holistic development of ourselves and the community.

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